Puppy intro – from £15

Getting your puppy used to grooming from an early age is extremely important. They learn that grooming is a part of their routine. While they are having their intro we will bath and dry them, give them a brush as well as trim their face and feet. Nails will be checked. While they are in the shop they will get to learn the sounds of the parlour and associate it with something positive. If you are having trouble with brushing your puppy please don’t give up… Call me I am here to help.

Just a wash?

No problem, some dogs don’t need a hair cut. With dog washes from as little as £10 your dog will be washed, dried and smelling gorgeous again in no time.

Full Groom

A full groom on all breeds will include a bath using shampoo that’s selective to your dogs coat/skin type, blow dry, brush out & a good de-shed to help your Hoover, ear clean/pluck, nail clip & a hair cut to your specific requirements. This is all finished off with a doggy cologne to keep them smelling clean for even longer.

Small dogs from £18
Medium dogs from £28
Large dogs from £35
Prices are subject to size and coat condition of your dog.

Maintenance grooms

A maintenance groom is brilliant for In between full grooms. All maintenance grooms include a wash, dry, face and feet trim and a nail clip.
Prices start from £20

Please note that if a dog comes in matted to the point of it being too painful to dematt, they will be shaved down. This isn’t something we like to do, but with your pooches best interest at heart we will keep
in contact and advise on what we think is the best thing to do. Dematting will incur additional charges depending on the severity.
Nail clipping £4.50

Hand stripping starts at £35

Teeth Cleaning

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We are now offering this fantastic new product in the parlour. We use an ultrasonic toothbrush so there is no enamel damage or risk of aggregating the gums. Results may vary pending on the severity if your dog’s plaque. Please contact me for more information and to book your free consultation. Prices are £10 per session + £5 for the toothbrush head which lasts for 14 sessions.


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